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My Empty Bucket

If you live anywhere near Mid-Missouri, you know that this weekend was a complete monsoon. So, that means nothing exciting happened on the farm. Except for Chex is longer swelled up! With flooding and mud everywhere, I stayed inside pretty much the whole weekend, (except when Bethany and I went outside and got completely and absolutely soaked feeding everyone on Sunday).

Instead of doing exciting things outside, I tried catching up on homework. I ended up looking at Pinterest and catching up on all the blogs I haven’t read (I am the ultimate procrastinator!). Reading other blogs really gets me thinking about my life and where it’s going. So instead of finishing my homework, I decided that I needed a Bucket List! Doesn’t everybody? It may not be long but hey, I can always add new stuff! So here it is, after one day and couple of inches of rain:

My Bucket List


  1. Washington DC- Its one of those places that I think each person should visit with their family and with Dad in the Army, it has an even bigger meaning
  2. Las Vegas- Another place I think every person should visit, but not with my family. 🙂
  3. Montana- I would love to see and even be a part of a ‘real’ ranch even if it is only for a visit
  4. Amarillo, Texas- Being in almost every country song, it has to be a pretty cool place


  1. Twenty Five Pinterest crafts- I am a new Pinterest member and I must say, my craft list is already overloaded!
  2. Finish my Desk- Three of us college girls are renting a house next year, and instead of buying a desk, I decided to build it. Currently, it’s only a stained wooden top though.
  3. Build a bookshelf- What can I say, I like working with my hands (and Markway’s never do anything easy!)

My half-way-done desk


  1. Network- Last November, I went to AFA and made lots of friends my own age but didn’t make any industry contacts (which is VERY essential!)
  2. Get an internship- Goes hand in hand with networking
  3. Get a master’s degree… eventually- By eventually, this could mean in three years, five years, or ten years.


  1. Go to wine tasting- A class is offered at Missouri State University, just have to wait until 21!
  2. Learn to drive the boat faster- And by faster, I mean the fastest I have driven is just over an idle when we snag

  1. Go river rafting- Rocks, rapids and all.
  2. Go to a beach- And not have a plan for the day, just me, the water and what I want to do
  3. Learn to drive the truck and trailer- I want to be able to go to the arena when I want, for as long as I want

Our 'Rig'

  1. Go skiing- Nothing like flying down a mountain to give you an adrenalin rush!
  2. Ride a mechanical bull- Again with the adrenalin (I’m an adrenalin junkie!)
  3. Learn to two-step- Technically, I know how to do it, I just suck at it.


  1. Journal- I keep saying it will happen, but one day I am going to make it happen
  2. Memorize my M number– Which is basically your Missouri State University social security number
  3. Connect with old friends- College has gotten in the way of my home life 🙂
  4. Show more gratitude- Doesn’t everybody need to?

My hope is to finish it by the end of my college career, but who knows! Any more suggestions?


Back on the Road

Technically, I’m not on the road right now, which is a good thing since most of the roads I travel are frozen over from our most recent attack of Missouri weather. Back home, snow was always a good thing, with no school and farm style sledding (with a four-wheeler and any flat, slick material you can tie behind it). But in college, I have decided that snow is not my friend. My boots and any wet, slick surfaces do not work together and college students are not as accepting of my stinky insulated coveralls as other people are. But the one main reason I hate snow in college is because it cuts my weekend short by making my drive back a whole twelve hours earlier.

As an average college student, I spend a large amount of time traveling down the blacktop. And I’m traveling for the same reason that most college students travel; to go home and see that special someone. Here’s where some people get a little confused. I actually have two special someones, and each week when I get home, they are the first things that I want to see. Throwing my barn boots on and heading to the pasture, I am usually greeted at the fence. Chex, a 12 year old Quarter Horse, and Rowdy, a 7 year old Paint, make the two hour drive home worth every minute.

Most of my college friends can’t figure out why I would want to drive 120 miles each Friday just to drive those same 120 miles back on Monday morning. But most of those friends don’t have two horses that can take away your worries as soon as you hit the saddle. One of my biggest regrets of choosing Missouri State University was leaving those two horses behind. So instead of the average weekend in the dorms, I spend my weekends traveling back down the road.