Leaving for college doesn't mean leaving the farm.

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To my Dad…

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there! Since yesterday was Father’s Day in all, I figured it was time to take the spotlight away from myself for awhile and focus on one of the reasons I am who I am today- my Dad.

For almost twenty years now, I have looked up to the man I call my Dad. He is the one that has pushed me to always do what’s best and never looked down at me when I failed. When I wanted a horse, he gave me a horse and a mule (after much convincing that I didn’t need them though!) When I was having a rough time in BIO 120, he had just the right words to raise my spirits and keeping studying. My dad taught me how to respect, how to listen, how to love and, of course, gave me my sarcastic flair.

Dad still teaches even when he isn’t around.  In 2007, the summer before my freshman year of high school, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Steve Markway left for Iraq. Leaving for a year was bad enough but leaving your wife and two daughters to manage the farm for the whole time was even worse. With two weeks’ notice on leaving, Dad jumped into gear- teaching Mom how to drive the truck and trailer, Bethany and I how feed hay and drive the tractors and all of us how to live without him for a year. In just two weeks, we finished hay, we moved cows, and most importantly we learned-what Dad did for us and how we had to do it for ourselves. That year passed slowly, with each morning starting with an email from dad and an email back and the weekends were graced with an occasional phone call. I will never forget the first sight of Dad in a year, walking into the building with his unit for the final formation. But it was all worth it, because as Dad always says- “I work to farm”.

Farming is the thing that brings our family together, especially my Dad and I. Some nights all we do is work on the pulling tractor with ten words spoken the whole night but I wouldn’t trade those nights for the world. To me, my Dad is not only the best farmer in the world, but he is also my hero. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

My dad with that ‘farmer’ look on