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I am a Cucumber

This weekend with dad at drill and finals coming up for Bethany and I, we didn’t get a lot of farm work done. But on Sunday, we did enough work for the whole weekend.  Instead of having a bull all year round, we share the bull with my uncle allowing us to have fall calving and him to have spring calving. With the temperatures hitting ninety, Bethany and I headed out on the four wheelers to bring all the cows home. Driving straight to the pond, they were pretty easy to find, but getting them out of the pond and moving was a slight challenge.  With Bethany leading the way with the feed bucket on her four wheeler and me pushing from behind the cows moved towards the lot pretty easily. Except for the bull who thought standing in the pond was cooler than following the feed bucket. (Which it was!) After a little convincing, he SLOWLY walked out of the pond and started to follow all his ‘girls’. By the time the bull and I made it to the lot, the rest of the family was getting worried that something had happened. Soon as the cows finished all the grain that lured them into the lot, our family burst into activity. Open gates were closed, closed gates were opened and cows were sorted away from the bull. With the bull alone in the loading lot, Mom disappeared to get the trailer. After the excitement of backing a trailer to the loading chute, we got the bull into the trailer and another flurry of activity erupted. Gates were returned to the previous place and swimsuits and dry clothes were thrown in the truck.

Our ‘rig’

While waiting for Mom and the trailer, Bethany and I figured we needed a way to cool off.  And nothing is better than a sprinkler on a hot day! An hour long drive later, we pulled into the little town of Frankenstein, Missouri and into my aunt and uncle’s driveway. Before my dad and uncle even got the bull off the trailer, we had our swimsuits on and the sprinkler up and running (I mean, spraying). Bethany and I got tired of the water after awhile(and I mean hours!)  and without the ‘big’ cousins playing in the sprinkler, the ‘little’ cousins made the sprinkler into a magic door, allowing for them to go ‘anywhere’ aka the other side of the water.

The sprinkler under the trampoline

With three girls ages 10, 8, and 5 the answers were very interesting. Ranging from Hollywood, to mermaid land, to McDonald’s, they became increasingly funny to me and Bethany. To top it all off, the magic door then allowed you to become a different person. The ten year old jumped through and became a dancer with a little dance move on the other side. The eight year old became a singer with a burst of song going through the sprinkler. And finally the five year, taking a running start and shouted proudly, ‘I’m a CUCUMBER!’ Things like family, laughter, and even sprinklers make me so appreciative that I have the life that I have: family, cows, heat and farming it all.