Leaving for college doesn't mean leaving the farm.

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Working Holidays

Easter break in college is the normal time for everyone to relax and catch up on all those homework assignments that have been forgotten and put off. As I headed back to school, I realized that I didn’t get to relax or do any homework.

But who can do homework when there is real work to do? On Friday, I got to visit with some of my favorite neighbors when they came over to help with our second round of working cows and finally weaning the calves that got worked a couple of weeks ago.

Some of our Farm Family

For my family, we celebrate Easter on Saturday. Nothing like homemade sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean for an Easter dinner. Topped off with ice cream cake and I was in heaven! After supper, my sister and I challenged our cousins to my favorite game, Kick the Can ( or in our case the ice cream tub). If you haven’t played this glorified game of hide and seek, you are missing definitely missing out!

All the cousins ready to play!

Easter Sunday started off with a relaxing breakfast but that’s where the relaxing ended. After breakfast, my parents and I headed out to the Osage Bend farm to pick up the tractor and sprayer. Of course nothing is simple when it comes to farming.

Dad can still point to what I'm supposed to do!

Instead of just starting the tractor and hooking up the sprayer, I had to put a new battery on the tractor. With my dad still not up to par in the health department from last week, I had to do it by myself. With the tractor running, I hoped in our Dodge truck for the only the second round of driving lessons on a stick shift. After a LOT of excitement (and yelling), our little caravan headed to the river bottom to pick up the sprayer with Mom in the lead on the tractor and Dad and I following in the truck. Getting the sprayer hooked up with a little more excitement (and a lot more yelling), we headed back up the hill to with the tractor and sprayer. Since it was getting late, we (ok, Dad decided) that we could just haul it home the next night. After getting home, we spent the rest of the night just the way I love to- sitting on the back deck, enjoying family and the view that our animals munching on their hay provide. Some people hate working on the holidays, but with my job, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Easter from our farm family to yours!