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20 Things I Learned my First Year of College

  1. Clean your dorm bathroom more than once your whole first year. (That’s a whole new level to nasty!)
  2. Calling your parents involves actually talking, not just asking for one thing and then hanging up.
  3. When you only get to ride your horses on the weekends, they tend to get fat very quickly.
  4. Pay attention in class. You will actually be able to use it later in life. (Especially those agriculture classes)
  5. Take classes that you want to take, not just the classes that are in your major (that’s how I changed my major all together!)
  6. When the teacher says to study, make sure you actually study.

    Me actually studying!

  7. Driving in the ‘big city’ of Springfield, Missouri takes on a whole new meaning of paying attention to the road.
  8. It also takes on a whole new meaning to getting lost.
  9. Talk to people in your classes. Without someone to laugh with and talk to, that semester is going to drag on.
  10. Join clubs. Not only does this help you meet people, but it gets you contacts in your industry.
  11. Coming home to work on the farm really shows how out of shape college makes you.
  12. If you want to do something, whether it be go out to eat, join a club, or change majors, DO IT. Holding back will get you nowhere, while giving it a shot is going to push you ahead of the crowd.
  13. Get to know your teachers. This may seem like something that everyone says, but I must say it’s actually true.
  14. Enjoy the view, literally. Living on the eighth floor gave me a great view of most of the MSU parking lots.

    The parking lot… through my screen of course!

  15. Make new friends, but don’t ignore the old ones.
  16. You can talk with your dad about weaning weights, and pasture rotations and actually contribute intelligent information to the conversation.
  17. Your bed doesn’t actually make itself.
  18. People outside of the agriculture department have never seen mud boots like yours and will stare at you.
  19. Don’t wish your days away. Today is here so live it like there is no tomorrow.
  20. And finally, don’t look back. It’s in the past and not coming back. You have to keep looking forward, forward to what you want to be. Because that is when you will find out who you truly are.