Leaving for college doesn't mean leaving the farm.

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Back on the Road

Technically, I’m not on the road right now, which is a good thing since most of the roads I travel are frozen over from our most recent attack of Missouri weather. Back home, snow was always a good thing, with no school and farm style sledding (with a four-wheeler and any flat, slick material you can tie behind it). But in college, I have decided that snow is not my friend. My boots and any wet, slick surfaces do not work together and college students are not as accepting of my stinky insulated coveralls as other people are. But the one main reason I hate snow in college is because it cuts my weekend short by making my drive back a whole twelve hours earlier.

As an average college student, I spend a large amount of time traveling down the blacktop. And I’m traveling for the same reason that most college students travel; to go home and see that special someone. Here’s where some people get a little confused. I actually have two special someones, and each week when I get home, they are the first things that I want to see. Throwing my barn boots on and heading to the pasture, I am usually greeted at the fence. Chex, a 12 year old Quarter Horse, and Rowdy, a 7 year old Paint, make the two hour drive home worth every minute.

Most of my college friends can’t figure out why I would want to drive 120 miles each Friday just to drive those same 120 miles back on Monday morning. But most of those friends don’t have two horses that can take away your worries as soon as you hit the saddle. One of my biggest regrets of choosing Missouri State University was leaving those two horses behind. So instead of the average weekend in the dorms, I spend my weekends traveling back down the road.