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Sisters at Science Camp

For the first time in a long time, my weekend didn’t start with my sister and I driving home. Instead, I passed my exit following two Missouri State University vans full of my Sigma Alpha sisters headed to Rolla and Cub Creek Science camp for a sisterhood retreat. And let me tell you, I was not excited!

After dealings with a flat tire and a car battery that didn’t want to stay charged, I was ready to go home. After getting in our cabin ( with air conditioning, what a relief!) and having the usual camp food of hot dogs for supper, my night was turning out way better than I expected; especially after we went to the camp zoo. If I can’t see my own horses, the next best thing is exotic animals and miniature horses. After team building with Hulu hoops and noodles ( the colorful water floaty kind), I thought it was time for bed. But with twenty other girls in one cabin and a very intense game of Buzzword, I finally for to climb into my bed at one o clock. The next day we had a whole new load of adventures waiting for us outside our cabin. After another wonderful meal of camp food (this time it was pop tarts) we struggled into rope harnesses and helmets.

Ready for the ropes!

After we got the awkward harnesses tightened in a the right places, each sister got attached to the rope swing while the rest of us pulled them up. It was a pretty cool concept to know that your sisters alone are pulling you that high into the air. After the ripe swing, we all conquered an awesome zip line and ate our final round of camp food, ham and turkey sandwiches.

Ready to pull!

After some more team building after lunch, we found some shade for the closing remarks. As we sat there, I realized that I had a lot of fun. Which I didn’t think was gonna happen so that got me thinking about other things. Maybe I should try new things more and look at old things with a new perspective. On Sunday, as I worked my horses, (to my delight, Chex wasn’t limping!) I realized that not only do you have to give new things a chance but you have to be thankful for what you have.

Two of the things I am thankful for- my horses and my home.


It’s Electric

Or at least my Saturday morning was. With all the rain moved out of the area from last weekend, the green grass is popping up and the calves we weaned and the horses were itching to eat it. With three different herds of animals at this time of year, it hard to get grass to everyone and still let our hay pastures grow. But electric fence solves that problem really easy.

The beef herd gets the ‘New Land’ (we bought our neighbor’s farm ten years ago), the calves get the pasture by the road, and the horses get the electric fence and the pastures that lead to our hay ground. Building fence is always eventful in my family and of course, Saturday was no different.

Our fence building supplies, ready to go.

After we finally got it up and clicking, it was time for my favorite part- letting the horses out on the fresh grass. I could sit out there for hours and watch them buck and run through the new grass.

They are ready to the new grass!

Knowing that Rowdy would probably live up to his name, I let him out with Ruby to save Barney from getting beat up in his old age and from Chex hurting her leg again. To my surprise, Rowdy went straight to eating after only a few bucks. Ruby was a different story; our normally calm (and lazy) mule was a running, bucking, snorting fool!


After she calmed down, I brought the rest of the herd. For the first time in a month, the whole herd was back together. As a farm girl, there is nothing better than knowing that your animals are happy and healthy.

But as a college student, there is nothing better than knowing that summer is right around the corner and in three week, the stress of college will be gone and you can finally stay at home where the blacktop begins.