Leaving for college doesn't mean leaving the farm.

Showing my Passion

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of hosting an Alumni Day for our Sigma Alpha chapter, Alpha Xi. As co-chair of the event, I also got to help pick the speakers and Jamie Johanson was at the top of our list. Last spring, I had a class with a great person who definitely has a passion for agriculture and is proud to show it. While I didn’t get to listen to her whole speech, I did get to tune in when she started talking about sharing our passion. She was the reason I started my blog last year, and after listening to her talk, I was ready to show my passion to the world once again.

Jamie talking about her passion

My family is REALLY into the whole photography thing so I figured I would show my passion on Facebook, through pictures of the farm and what we do. Yesterday, when I got home for fall break it was too dark to start sharing my passion so I vowed I would start today. Within a couple of minutes, I learned that sharing your passion through photography was a lot harder than people let on. Without a smartphone, I set out with my own camera, only to find the batteries dead and of course, no extra batteries anywhere in the house. Luckily, my sister allowed me to use hers as long as I ‘was really careful with it.’ So I set off down the hill to find the horses, armed with a camera and a mission.

I had had that perfect picture running though my head. Everyone has seen one, the beautiful horse loping with their mane in tail flowing in the wind. After catching Chex, I realized problem number one: it had rained recently; therefore the beautiful shiny coat would not be involved in any of my pictures. On to problem number two. Have you ever tried lunging a spirited horse while also taking pictures? Practically impossible!

Some of my failed attempts at the ‘perfect picture’!


So once I realized that lunging a horse would not be the product of my photography passion, I moved on to a new ‘perfect picture’. The one with your horses ears in the bottom, showing where you are riding and the path ahead of you.  I was almost successful in finding a ‘Facebook worthy photo’ out of these but I still wasn’t satisfied. I was ready to give up. I turned Chex back out and led Rowdy to the house to saddle up for a ride. After a long, satisfying ride, I took one last picture.

I realized that my passion can’t be made, it has to be found. And today I found it in a sweaty horse, tired from a good ride. Tomorrow I might find it in checking the cows, or riding the four-wheelers. Even though my passion changes, I’ll always know that I can find it in the wide open spaces that I call home.


One response

  1. Those pictures weren’t so bad. It must have been almost impossible to hold the camera and the rope at the same time. Try some ultra closeups on parts of the horse. They can be pretty interesting.

    January 22, 2013 at 9:24 am

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