Leaving for college doesn't mean leaving the farm.

Thirsty Thursday

This morning, while I was watching the news, I finally got some good news. And I’m not talking about the world news or politics, I’m just talking about the local weather. When good ole Zach came on channel 13 and said we had a 40 percent chance of rain, I was ecstatic. While most of Missouri is under the clutch of a drought, it seems like our farm is been completely squeezed of all water. The grass that normally feeds our animals is turning into the consistency of straw and the ponds are almost two feet lower than normal this time of year. If we don’t get a decent amount of rain soon, (hopefully today!) we have two options. One is to start feeding hay, and to start feeding hay in June is every farmer’s worst nightmare. The second option is to start cutting the herd, which isn’t a very happy option either. Either way we could really use the rain.


The clouds are coming in!

With it only being June, that means the rest of the summer could be rough on our little family farm. April and June are usually are wettest month but this year we are almost 5 inches behind in rainfall totals. All I can say is I really hope the sky opens and finally let our pastures get their fill of a thirsty Thursday!


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